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The IoT LoRa Project

Device able to communicate via LoRaWAN; Process images, extract pertinent informations and send it, and get informations from Smart Sensor.

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The IoT LoRa Project

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Cmod A7
Digilent Cmod A7
Pmod GPS
Digilent Pmod GPS
Pmod ALS
Digilent Pmod ALS
Digilent Pmod HYGRO
Digilent Zybo
Digilent Pcam 5C


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Custom parts and enclosures

LoRa PMOD for LoRa semtech

To connect the LoRa Transceiver to any Pmod port, for our project, it helps to connect LoRa Transceiver to the Zybo Z7 and the Smart Sensor

Smart Sensor


Smart Gateway and Smart Sensor shematics

This File contains both Smart Gateway and Smart Sensor Schematics


IoT LoRa Project Codes

There is multiple code source in this file, some of them are used in the Smart Gateway to Transfer Camera informations through the Gateway, and the others codes are implemented in the Smart Sensor to monitor GPS, Temperature and Bluetooth devices


Team Zak-Paulo

Team Zak-Paulo

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