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Virtual Logic

Computational logic operations from virtual autonomous objects.

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Virtual Logic

Things used in this project

Hardware components

MassiveIO Logic Blox Primitives
Logic Blox Unity prefabs are used to create, debug and design simple to complex virtual electronic circuits, control panels and or game play controls. Logic Blox are placed in game and can be connected together in order to run other logic props, sounds, animations and game objects. Pre-attached script file(s) manage behavioral logic, animations and connections to other props.

Software apps and online services

Virtual environment editor

Hand tools and fabrication machines

MassiveIO Logic Blox Models
3d models of Logic blox
Logic Blox
MassiveIO Logic Blox
Vintage component edition


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Custom parts and enclosures

Logic Blox Models

Logix Blox 3D print files



Connecting logic blocks

Primitives, gates and switches

Virtual component Table


Gate control code

Logic props do not require programming. All setting are made from the Unity inspector.
Example code segment of logix blox engine for control state of lamp props.
 if (chipType.ToUpper() == "LAMP")
            if (gateState[gateIn] && gateState[gateOut] != logicOn)
                gateState[gateOut] = logicOn;
                setExtData(gateOut, logicOn,0);

            if (!gateState[gateIn] && gateState[gateOut] == logicOn)
                gateState[gateOut] = !logicOn;
                setExtData(gateOut, !logicOn,0);



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