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IoT security camera

Fully programmable, WiFi connected, small and customizable, Linux based webcam with web configuration/access

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IoT security camera

Things used in this project

Hardware components

USB webcam compatible with Motion
There are several webcams compatible with Motion, I've chosen this one because is cheap and was already used in a sample project by AcmeSystems
Arietta G25 with 256 MB ram option
There's a 128 MB version, but I strongly advise to purchase the 256 MB for the kind of video processing and to leave space for other sw needs
Arietta WIFI-2 OEM WiFi USB module (with external antenna)
Please note there are two WiFi modules: choose the one requiring the external antenna
AN-WIFI-02 : WiFi antenna and SMA clable
this is the black external antenna with higher gain. I really suggest this vs the pcb antenna.
cell phone charger 5V or similar switching power supply
I've successfully used a 700 mA one. I didn't measure power consumption, but I think this is a good reference minimum value.
USB A male plug
you can buy these anywhere if you want to build the power cable with twisted wire OR you can recycle an old USB cable if you feel comfortable identifying the pins/wires colours
twisted wires (2 coloured wires)
get few meters depending on distance between the power socket and where you will position the security camera
debug port interface and cable
you can choose between using this module+cable OR reusing a compatible cable you already have (I've used my R-PI debug cable in this case)
micro SD with OS installed
you can choose to buy one with OS or reuse one you already have downloading the OS image to be written


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Schematic diagram to wire webcam and Arietta board to the power plug


All the files used in this project

These files need to be customized following this project instructions


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