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Bluetooth, Node and Arduino

This project allows your Arduino to talk to your Node server via Bluetooth.

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Bluetooth, Node and Arduino

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Arduino Nano R3
Arduino Nano R3
HC-05 Bluetooth Module
HC-05 Bluetooth Module


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Arduino Bluetooth Wiring


Arduino Code

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

SoftwareSerial BTserial(10, 11); // Setup of Bluetooth module on pins 10 (TXD) and 11 (RXD);

void setup() {
  BTserial.begin(9600); // Bluetooth at baud 9600 for talking to the node server
  Serial.begin(4800); // Default Serial on Baud 4800 for printing out some messages in the Serial Monitor

void loop() {
  // Calls on BTSerial and sends the string to any connected devices.
  BTserial.print("From Arduino with mild ambivalence\n"); 

  // readStringUntil()
  // Reads all bytes off of the the Serial buffer until it finds the escape character '/n'
  // And then removes these bytes from the buffer
  // Returns the value as a string, which we print to the Serial monitor


  //Just so the Serial Monitor on Arduino and console on the Node server don't get too spammed


Node Code

This code listens for an Arduino Board with a Bluetooth module and responds.
import BTSerialPort from 'bluetooth-serial-port';
const btSerial = new BTSerialPort.BluetoothSerialPort();

//Generic Error Handler for the BT Serial Port library as requires error functions
const errFunction = (err) =>{
       console.log('Error', err);

// Connecting to BT device can take a few seconds so a little console.log to keep you entertained.
console.log("Starting Server");
// Are you not entertained?

  For this to work you will have to connect to the Bluetooth device on your computer in the normal way
  I.e via Bluetooth settings: Default password is usually 0000 or 1234

// Once BtSerial.inquire finds a device it will call this code
// BtSerial.inquire will find all devices currently connected with your computer
btSerial.on('found', function(address, name) {
    // If a device is found and the name contains 'HC' we will continue
    // This is so that it doesn't try to send data to all your other connected BT devices

      btSerial.findSerialPortChannel(address, function(channel) {
        // Finds then serial port channel and then connects to it
        btSerial.connect(address, channel, function() {
          // Now the magic begins, bTSerial.on('data', callbackFunc) listens to the bluetooth device.
          // If any data is received from it the call back function is used
          btSerial.on('data', function(bufferData) {
            // The data is encoded so we convert it to a string using Nodes Buffer.from func

            // Now we have received some data from the Arduino we talk to it.
            // We Create a Buffered string using Nodes Buffer.from function
            // It needs to be buffered so the entire string is sent together
            // We also add an escape character '\n' to the end of the string
            // This is so Arduino knows that we've sent everything we want
            btSerial.write(Buffer.from('From Node With Love\n'), errFunction);
        }, errFunction);
      console.log('Not connecting to: ', name);

// Starts looking for Bluetooth devices and calls the function btSerial.on('found'


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