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CyHalloween - Sound & Illumination (PSoC 4 BLE)

A Halloween Pumpkin was equipped with PSoC 4 BLE. Ghosts are detected by PIR & Proximity sensors, forcing light show and sound from SD-card.

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CyHalloween - Sound & Illumination (PSoC 4 BLE)

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Cypress PSoC 4 BLE CY8CKIT-142

Software apps and online services

PSoC Creator
Cypress PSoC Creator


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CyHalloween PSoC Creator Project (Version 1.1)

Requires Cypress PSoC Creator 4.2
- missing header files added
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Sound Files

As described, 10 kHz sampling rate is require for current project settings.
Filenames with first character '1*' will played if PIR is active.
Filenames with first character '2*' will played if Proximity is touched. Those sound shall be limit to 4 seconds max, like e.g. a scream.
If initiated by BLE then schrei1.raw is played.
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CyHalloween Android App

Requires Android Studio, but I am not sure whether it will run on all smartphones / Android versions. Sorry ... this topic is new to me. If someone likes to help/support - welcome!
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