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Module-Based CNC Machine

Cartesian CNC machine made of modular components for easy upgrades or functional changes.

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Module-Based CNC Machine

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Frame : V-Slot
X and Y Axis : Belt Transmission
The tool head moves on an x-y gantry
Z Axis : Screw Drive Train
The work bed move up and down
Controller Board : Azteeg X3 Pro
3D Printing Tool Head : E3D V6 Hotend
Actuators - Stepper Motors

Hand tools and fabrication machines

Milling Machine
I used a milling machine to make all of the aluminum brackets in house.
A lathe was used to turn down the ends of the acme leadscrew. This was done so that the screw could fit into the stepper motor coupler, as well as the lower pillow block bearing.
Soldering iron (generic)
Soldering iron (generic)
Pretty self explanatory. A soldering iron was used, mainly to create quick connection between all of the sensors and actuators. This was done so that each axis could be easily swapped in a matter of seconds.


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Custom parts and enclosures

Gantry Drive Train - Y Axis

This independent drive train consists of the following major components:
- 4020 v-slot aluminum extrusion
- NEMA 17 stepper motor
- 6mm GT2 belt
- optical limit switch
- end effector carriage


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