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Arduino Control Center

Arduino powered control and measurement platform.

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Arduino Control Center

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Load Switch datasheet link - Can buy this anywhere
Supply switch datasheet link- Can buy this anywhere
8A Solid State AC Load Relay
NPN Transistor
For switching on the Supply P-FET
0.1A Hold Resettable PTC
Protection for the Arduino power supply
2.2A Hold Resettable PTC
Protection for the Test Current
Schottky Diode 1206 SMA 60V / 2A
RTC Module
Real Time clock for data logging - optional
Arduino Pro Mini 328 - 5V/16MHz
SparkFun Arduino Pro Mini 328 - 5V/16MHz
The brains of the operation - can use 3.3V part as well
Adafruit High-Side Current Monitor
For accurate high-side current and voltage monitoring - optional
0.96" OLED Display - SPI
Can use Adafruit part but will need to change layout slightly
Custom fabricated PCB
OSH Park Custom fabricated PCB
My custom PCB design - order from OSHPark - $30 for three - Open Hardware!
0.1 ohm Power Resistor
Note, this resistance sets a limit on current or voltage resolution. This is a 1W part so using this resistor limits you to 3.16A but gives good resolution on the voltage. If you want to run more current, pick a lower resistance value.


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Custom parts and enclosures

EAGLE Schematic File

EAGLE Board File v3a




Shows how all the parts are connected


Example Code - Github Repo

In this sketch, I am testing a DC-DC converter connected across the TEST points. I glued a TMP-36 temperature sensor to the converter chip and used a single-cell LiPoly Battery as the source. Then the load PWM is gradually increased from 0 to 100%


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