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Smart Pots for Cuddles(™) Based Therapy for Autism

Smart pots with IFTTT-based Alexa integration for plant health monitoring.

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Smart Pots for Cuddles(™) Based Therapy for Autism

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Sonoff TH
Itead Sonoff TH


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Smart Pots for Cuddles(™) based therapy, for Autism and psychosis spectrum disorders.

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Smart Pots for Cuddles() based therapy, for Autism and psychosis spectrum disorders. 
Dr Bheemaiah, Anil Kumar, A.B Seattle W.A 98125

A smart pot design with Sonoff TH10/TH16 is developed for a DIY therapy based on the Cuddles() thermo regulation device. This paper is a supplement to already published literature by the author. The paper extends the therapy hardware to a version two, which includes polled wake word actions based on an ultrasound signalling from the plant, a way to listen to stress and ill-health signals from the plant for a stronger plant human interface and meaningful cuddles.

Keywords: Cuddles(), IFTTT, RAVATTT, Ultrasound plant signalling, Alexa, pots, succulents, Sonoff, DSP, wake words, IOT, actions

Design of a Smart Pot for Cuddles() Therapy(Bheemaiah, n.d.), with a Sonoff sensor for humidity and temperature, An IFTTT program interfaces the sensor with Alexa, with a remainder to water the plant when soil humidity is too low. In version 2.0 , we add an ultrasound sensor to communicate with the plant, with an interpreter using RAVATTT, to message a user the health of the plant.  

High stress levels in plants lead to the emission of ultrasound distress signals which can be picked up by ultrasound sensors for messaging using Alexa, RAVATTT or IFTTT.

Cuddle Therapy is popular for the treatment of a variety of mental disorders, like seasonal variation and allied depression  disorders. We use the Cuddles() thermo regulator with plant sympathy, through a smart pot for a stronger human-plant interface, a succulent such as the aloe vera is recommended.


Problem Definition.
Sonoff TH10/TH16 is used(Sonoff TH: Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Remote Switch n.d.) program.(Ovadia 2014)IFTTT is a conditional based cloud service and conversational UI integration.
RAVATTT, extends IFTTT to a similar service with a complete CLI based on natural and mathematical programming.
DSP Filters for Ultrasound wake words are written, similar to Alexa Echo, and the wake words run actions, which include translation and messaging.  

Fig 1: A schematic for a Sonoff based thermostat with Alexa integration. 

Sonoff based devices, provide a framework for active retro-switches(), passive retro-switches() are under development, they implement the Dog-Ears framework for the automation of devices, by retrograde integration for automation.
IFTTT or RAVATTT, provides easy programming for the automation.


Bheemaiah, Anil Kumar. n.d. Plants and IOT, PEMF Qi Generation as Plant Energetics, an Autism Case Study.
Ovadia, Steven. 2014. Automate the Internet With If This Then That (IFTTT). Behavioral & Social Sciences Librarian.
Sonoff TH: Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Remote Switch. n.d. Accessed September 25, 2019.


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