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STM32F0 Toggle GPIO

Welcome to the embedded world! Let's start exploring STM32 microcontrollers!

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STM32F0 Toggle GPIO

Things used in this project

Hardware components

STM32 Nucleo-64 Board
STMicroelectronics STM32 Nucleo-64 Board
We are working on STM32F0 Nucleo board. You can purchase it from this link:

Hand tools and fabrication machines

STMicroelectronics STM32 CubeMX
Arm µVision IDE


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Set GPIO as an Output

We have used STM32 CubeMX GUI software to set PA5 as an O/P Pin.


STM32F030R8T6 GPIO Toggle Code

Attached is the main.c file. In this we have used CubeMX to set PA5 Pin as a Output to toggle the connected LED on nucleo board.
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