CodeRcar: The Kid-Friendly 3D-Printable DIY Robot Vehicle

Powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero W, CodeRCar is an idea - that making your own robot car doesn't have to be difficult.

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CodeRcar: The Kid-Friendly 3D-Printable DIY Robot Vehicle

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Raspberry Pi Zero WH
A Raspberry Pi Zero W computer board with pre-soldered male headers for convenience
DC Toy Motors with a 1:120 Gear Ratio
These motors have pre-soldered jumper wires for convenience
L9110S Dual-Motor H-Bridge Controller Modules
These motor controller modules allow you to run the DC Motors from the Raspberry Pi
5600mAh USB Power Bank Case
A plastic holder for two 18650 Li-ion Batteries with a USB charge/discharge circuit built-in
18650 Li-ion Batteries
Two Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
32 GB microSD Card
The Raspberry Pi needs a microSD Card so you can load an operating system onto it. 16GB is about the minimum for this sort of thing IMO, so a 32GB card will ensure you should have all the storage space you need
M3 Socket Cap Hex Screws - 10mm
You'll need to get several dozen M3 Socket Cap Hex Screws (10mm long) - a hundred pack will suffice
M2.5 Socket Cap Hex Screws - 8mm
These slightly-smaller screws are necessary for installing a couple of components that don't have screw holes big enough for M3s
Dupont Jumper Wires - 30
A big pack of these solderless jumper wires will definitely make connecting all the components a whole lot easier. You can get 40 of each: (male-to-male, male-to-female, female-to-female)
Dual Micro USB Splitter Cable
Two Micro USB Cables in one! (one's for the Pi, the other's for a breadboard power supply)
Raspberry Pi Power Adapter
If you ever want to plug your Raspberry Pi Zero WH into a power outlet (to use it as a home automation server or something like that), a power adapter like this will be helpful (although if you don't live in the US or Canada you may need a different adapter - just search for a Micro USB wall plug adapter)
Solderless Breadboard with 400 tie-points
A breadboard helps you make custom circuits
Breadboard Power Supply with MicroUSB Input
For powering components connected to your breadboard
Mini USB Cable
For connected the Raspberry Pi to an Arduino Nano
MPU6050 Sensor Breakout Board
This sensor board module contains an integrated accelerometer, gyroscope, and temperature sensor
HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor
For proximity measurements
Arduino Nano R3 or Compatible
A specialized microcontroller platform that makes it easier to program some of CodeRcar's electronics (and also because the Pi only has so many ports...)
Nokia 5110 LCD Screen Module
An 84x48 screen for displaying custom, monochrome graphics
RGB LED Module
Plug one of these little lightbulbs onto a breadboard for full-colour goodness!
Breadboard Starter Kit
A collection of buttons, resistors, potentiometers, lightbulbs, and other stuff for playing around with custom circuits on your breadboard (not really necessary for just making a CodeRcar, but a lot of fun regardless)
8x8 LED Matrix
Powered by a MAX7219 microcontroller, this shiny matrix adds a whole range of graphical expression to your CodeRcar
Helpful for connecting things to your Raspberry Pi (like an Arduino Nano or compatible board) via USB

Software apps and online services

DietPi for Raspberry Pi
A special form of Raspbian Linux specifically for scaled-down systems (like the Pi Zero W)
An easy way to flash DietPi onto your microSD card
You'll need an SSH client for setting up your Pi; openSSH is a good one that runs on many types of systems

Hand tools and fabrication machines

3D Printer (generic)
3D Printer (generic)
Screwdriver Set
You only really need an M3, M2.5, and tiny Philips (like PH0) screwdriver, but having a full set of screwdrivers does come in handy...


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Custom parts and enclosures

Files on Thingiverse


Motor Controllers Hook-up

Connect two L9110 Dual-Motor H-Bridge Motor Controller Modules to your Raspberry Pi Zero W using this handy chart

Nokia 5110 LCD Hook-up

Connect a Nokia 5110 LCD to your Raspberry Pi Zero W with the help of this handy schematic

CodeRcar Arduino Hook-up

Connect an MPU6050, RGB LED, 8x8 LED Matrix, and HC-SR04 to your Arduino Nano (or compatible), which you can then connect to your Pi with a Mini USB Cable and a USB OTG Hub


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